Crypto Research Tool

Research Platform (Paid)

> TradingLite

Charting platform that provides insights from order book.  

TradingLite site

> Messari

Crypto market with professional grade data, tools, and research.

Messari site

> Glassnode | Active membership

A On-Chain Data and Intelligence Platform that helps time tops and bottoms. Currently FibToo is using this platform. Key metrics we use:

1. Net Unrealized Profit/Loss – NUPL
2. Puell Multiple
3. MVRV Ratio

Glassnode site

> Crypto Quant

Looking at how funds are moving, in or out from exchanges.

Crypto Quant site

> Crypto Panic

Site that aggregates news, media and feedback from users.

Crypto Panic site

> Whale Map

Provide visuals on large wallet movement and trades. Not worth the subscription as most of what it does can be done in TradingView. 

Whale Map site

> Blocknomy

A platform that assess crypto with a methodology.

Blocknomy site

> Crypto Fund Research

Crypto Fund Research is the premier resource for timely data and market intelligence on crypto hedge funds and VCs.

Crypto Research Fund site

> Bookmap

Order Book trading platform.

Bookmap site

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AI & Automated trading

> Cindicator

Hybrid intelligence on forecasting financial market.

Look into Cindicator site

Research Platform (Free)

> Willy Woo | Woobull

A popular Bitcoin on-chain analyst.

Woobull site

> Look into Bitcoin

Live Bitcoin charts and information using market cycle and on-chain analysis.

Look into Bitcoin site

> Insider-Week | Bitcoin sesonality

Access to BitCoin 12-month seasonality. These guys are professional Commitment of Traders (COT) investors. 

Look into Insider-Week site

> Coinalyze | Open Interest

A free site that provides information on Futures Open Interest and technical analysis. You can also get aggregated perspectives on open interest.

Look into Coinalyze

> Token Terminal

A site that evaluates and track crypto projects.

Look into Token Terminal